We Purify Your Water!

Neat Jug makes purifying your water faster and easier than ever!  No need to drag countless water bottles around with you or worry about having to find a store when you run out.  With Neat Jug, as long as you’re near a water source, you’ve always got clean drinking water.  Forget the hassle of packing numerous ordinary water bottles and spend more time enjoying your next outdoor adventure!


The process

By turning the handle for about 180sec, the device is ready to discharge UVC light for 90sec (1 cycle) and purify 750ml of water. Also, a mini USB type C for quick charging from the wall or other devices can be used. Up to 40 cycles when the device is fully charged!


  • With proven UV technology, each Neat Jug can produce up to 20,000 Liters of clean and safe purified water free of harmful microbiological contaminants.

  • With our Self-charging mechanism, the Neat Jug can purify up to 750ML per cycle AND up to 40 cycles when fully charged, that's over 28 liters of clean water!

  • With one 90 second cycle you can purify clear tap water, or water from a clear running stream free of chemical contaminates. 2 cycles can be applied for water that resembles cloudy lemonade. All threads of the bottle and device itself should be properly cleaned before each and every use, and before consuming the liquid.

We believe in the power of crowdfunding!

The bottle is developed, and ready to go to mass manufacturing. To bring our product to the market we need to run the proof of order through Kickstarter and fund our first run and tooling. The community was really supportive so far and we want to give back by offering Early Bird deal for full package at only $49 (Regular price $99). All you need to do is subscribe to get notified when we go live.


Neat Jug has teamed up with Aid for Africa and ARDSO to donate our water purifying bottles to areas lacking in clean water and power supply. The Neat Jug team is extremely proud to be working with such dedicated organizations.