Hello, thank you for the interest in our project! We are the team behind Neat Jug and we are very passionate about technology and solving this crucial issue millions of people have every day! We started the development and early concept testing after we personally encountered a situation in which clean water was not available and got us thinking how it could be solved. The team members are dedicated engineers, designers and professionals with years of experience in different fields necessary to bring our idea to life and we are happy to say, we work and communicate as one organized unit!

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David Lee

Owner/creator. During my extensive military career I witnessed first hand the struggles of providing clean drinkable water to our troops during deployment. So much so, massive shipments of bottled water would have to be delivered via sea containers to our troops overseas. I thought to myself there had to be a better way. With determination to solve the problem and a goal in site I enlisted the help of my brother Alex. With his electrical engineering background we started with the preliminary mathematics and CAD designs and created the Neat Jug August 2016.

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Alex Lee

Co-creator/Electrical control. When first approached with the idea Alex was very intrigued and excited to use his electrical background to help the project. Being in the electrical industry Alex knew before anything else happened we needed to make sure the mathematics and UVC calculations where going to work. After completing preliminary math and UVC calculations to prove the device would actually work we began building our first prototype in August 2016.

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Mykola Kovtoniuk

Mechanical engineer. Living and working in the Ukraine, Mykola was introduced to our project in March of 2017. With his strong dedication and extensive knowledge in his field, he was the mastermind of the Neat Jug design. Working diligently he has been an absolute asset to the development of the project as a whole. With hundreds of modifications and counting to improve the device since its original conception, Mykola has played an integral role in the Neat Jugs development.

Slava Makedon

Electrical engineer. Slava joined our team with Mykola in March 2017. Slava, with his outstanding PCB work was responsible for all things electrical in the device. With countless hours spent soldering, wiring , code writing and testing to ensure functionality, Slava has been a vital part of our team. His skillset and determination has been essential to bringing this revolutionary product to life.